the houri in a handbasket (nalidoll) wrote in live_the_beauty,
the houri in a handbasket

I have an Assignment for ya'll...

i've been giving alot of thought to the idea of Personal Space.

it is extremely helpful to have someplace you can sit and read or think or draw or have your coffee/tea/glass-of-wine and contemplate the blessings in your life. sometimes, just sitting there for five minutes in the morning, before you rush off into your day, can give you a sense of contentment and calm that will stay with you.

and here's what i want ya'll to do:

sometime in the next week, i want you to take a picture and/or just post a description (if you don't have a camera) and share with us your favorite spot.
if you don't have one... find one. or make one.
set up some small corner in your house with a chair, something pretty to look at, whatever. find a spot outside, if you prefer.
but find/create a little place where you can take even a few minutes to stop and think to yourself, no matter *what* is going on, "Life is Glorious." somewhere you can tell yourself, no matter what the weather or what you have to do, that "Today is a Wonderful Day."

it makes such a huge difference in how you see everything.

my spot, currently, is my smoking perch, outside. i am working, today, on clearing out my personal space inside, so that i can create another of these that is all my own.

the picture doesn't have to be a Work Of Art. the space doesn't have to be fancy. just show us where you go to collect your thoughts and remind yourself of the Beauty in life.

go ahead and ask your friends if they have a space like this. if you don't have one, maybe their's will inspire you. if neither of you do, maybe you can inspire one another.

i'm hoping to see some posts here, sharing this!
(if i don't, i will likely spam you will all sorts of entries designed to get things Moving!)
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