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how to get two boxes on the train to UB

Even after years staying in this country, there is still adventure waiting at every corner. SO for example when you try to get two boxes with stuff onto the train from BJ to UB. First you go to the main train station when the train arrives from UB to BJ, then you have to buy a platform ticket to be allowed to access the trainstation at all. Eventually those boxes weigh about 80 kg together, so there is no way you can get them in the train all the way just by yourself. You have to hire one of these guys who carry other people's luggages for a living. We did just that. So another guy, who's job is to get the guy who carries the luggage for the one who can't carry it on his own, came up with this skinny old fellow. I just thought that this was going to be interesting. So we started arguing about the price, after surprisingly quick four minutes we negotiated 40 RMB. The old fellow, about 70 of age made the attempt to pack those boxes onto his little trolley kind of thing. Which of course failed. THen I managed to put those boxes onto the trolley and the old fellow and me started pushing the trolley, I ended up pushing it alone. FInally we reached the station gates, where we had to show our platform tickets and push those boxes and trolley through the X-ray machine. Everything went well, except that when we reached the inisde, the old fellow was just gone, so I again manged those boxes, already sweating like a pig. Next we had to go up like a hundred stairs to the leaving channel for the train to shanghai. As we got there, big tumult broke ooout because I got stuck halfway through the channel with those boxes. Had to carry them one by one getting sworn at by upset Chinese. Just about then my old fellow reappeared telling me he was having a heardattack. Well he wasn't that convincing but got the attention of the guards standing around, leading them to question us about where we were headed. Of course how you gonna explain to them that you are entering the platform of the train going to Shanghai in order to pass on through the exit channel to the train to UB which just arrived, complicated and I doubt you can follow this at all,haha. But hell, we did it, got through including the old fellow having a heardattack, which actually got better and better the closer we got to the final destination. Again up some stairs and down some stairs and finally we arrived at the train platform to go to UB. Put those boxes into the compartment and prepared to leave, paid the old fellow his forty and suggested him to get an ECG, which he probably never will. I do believe he may have a heart condition, I pity all the poor people of China who have to sell their everything to support their families in the countryside and I wish him well, may he find a better job, not very likely though:(.
Today is moonfestival, therefore we will go to the park and make a wish. To all of you out there, in case you haven't looked at the moon recently-do it tonite, make a wish, most likely it will come true. Just one thing about it though-make a wish for someone else, don't wish for yourself. What you wish to others will come true for you too. So happy moonfestival - happy mid-autumn festival, may all your wishes come true. Love. A Hu
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