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Hello, I noticed this community hasn't been posted to in a long, but perhaps it's simply because life gets busy (which is totally understandable).

I'm new, obviously. My name is Christina, 23, female, living in Tennessee. The beauty I find in my life seems to be the only thing that keeps me going, with my financial problems and having an unusually difficult time finding a job again. I love watching people dance, they remind me of fire and water in their movements. Just recently I got convinced to try dancing for the first time in my life, and I felt alive while on the floor. It was a wonderful experience. I also find beauty in nature, especially the rain, in art, in food...everything has some form of beauty to it. The hardest place for me to find beauty, sadly due to many bad years, is myself. I'm struggling to find beauty within, and it never seems to end. I'm getting better, though.

Thank you for having me.
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