ridmeofthis (ridmeofthis) wrote in live_the_beauty,

I'm just THAT KID....

I'm just that kid. I make everyone take a step back and stare whenever I speak, whenever I move. I'm full of love, free of hate. I tell everyone they are wonderful. I enjoy the staring. So what? At least I'm getting through to someone out there, by saying what I say and doing what I do. I breath, eat, and sleep reality check. I am the reality check. I tell it like it is. Truth and nothing but. I help, not hurt. I listen, I smile, I hug, I weep along with them, I stand alone. I create a sense of being. I am here to make them think. I am here to make them love. I am here.

Every word out of my mouth, every action I take, will affect somebody along the line. I choose carefully. I accept reality. I scream truth. And then I run away from it all, watching all of them with their mouths wide open, gaping, and their minds whipping a million thoughts a minute.

Confusion. I love it.
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