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Living Beautifully

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Sharing the Beauty... [12 Jan 2009|09:47pm]

[ mood | calm ]

So I've noticed that this community hasn't really been all that active lately (did I really put that big of a damper on it with my last post?) and I figured I'd share a picture I took of the sunset across from my house earlier this fall.

Because with every ending, there's a beginning somewhere else, and that's something that at times, we all too often forget.

So here's to the endings and the new tomorrows. Here's to the night and what's soon to follow. To the new beginnings and yesterdays. And of course to the future as it comes into play...
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An Introduction of Sorts... [03 Apr 2008|03:00pm]

[ mood | calm ]

So I was trying to get this out of my wee little head last night, but the right words wouldn't come...

My name is Wyn. I am twenty-two going on thirty at times. I tend to take Life a bit more seriously than I should, and though I often times want to stop and smell the roses, I never give myself the chance to do so because there's always so much more that needs taken care of.

I tend to move at my own pace. Sometimes this is slower than others, and other times, I run circles around my counterparts, lol. I have a wonderful cat named Zeus who makes Life worth living every day. He's the World's Biggest Klutz right after me, and I wouldn't have him any other way. There are some days, I truly believe he thinks he is his namesake, because the cat has an attitude a mile long, heh.

Who am I, some people ask... Well, I am me, nor more, no less. I can be the sweetest person on the face of this earth, and during my not-too-often bad days, I can be the worst... Usually I make up for it with the good days, however.

I am a kid-who-turned-woman far too early in my life, but I try to make the most of it from what this Life has taught me so far. I am a bit on the whimsical side, and sometimes people don't quite get what I'm trying to say because of it. I talk in riddles.

Some people have labeled me a poet, but I'd like to think I was an artist of words and paint and little scrap papers.

I used to see all that was good in the world and smile... Nowadays, I look at all that's good and wonder in my jaded mind where the dark lining is to it all.

That is partially why I've come to this community. I want to see the world through the innocence of a child's eyes again. I'd like to see Beauty without marring it with ugliness. I'd like to learn how to hold my heart on my sleeve without fear that one will trample it again... So I'm looking to others to show me how.

I hope that in return, I can also share the beauty of the world with others here. It's through numbers that we oftentimes gain strength, and I'm hoping that my jaded outlook in the world can still be turned around. I just need something to hope for, something to believe in again... and I believe that exists... I just haven't found it yet.

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I live... [28 Jan 2008|04:40pm]
[ mood | calm... surprisingly ]

I live with my mother, and two brothers. I live with all the 7 deadly sins, like all the other people in the world, but I find time to do all the 7 holy virtues. I live rocking to the music, no matter if there is any music in the room. I live like any other girl in the world, envying at all the beautiful models and women in the, wondering if I can be like them. I live unlike all the girls in the world, telling myself that the beautiful models and women in the world are just like me, just with more money and more makeup then I do. 

I live with the happiness that I have people care for me. I live with the happines that I love myself. I live with the happiness that I can do anything I can set my mind to. I live with the happiness that my life is perfect the way it is.

I live with myself, and I love it.


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I'm just THAT KID.... [21 Jan 2008|07:15pm]

I'm just that kid. I make everyone take a step back and stare whenever I speak, whenever I move. I'm full of love, free of hate. I tell everyone they are wonderful. I enjoy the staring. So what? At least I'm getting through to someone out there, by saying what I say and doing what I do. I breath, eat, and sleep reality check. I am the reality check. I tell it like it is. Truth and nothing but. I help, not hurt. I listen, I smile, I hug, I weep along with them, I stand alone. I create a sense of being. I am here to make them think. I am here to make them love. I am here.

Every word out of my mouth, every action I take, will affect somebody along the line. I choose carefully. I accept reality. I scream truth. And then I run away from it all, watching all of them with their mouths wide open, gaping, and their minds whipping a million thoughts a minute.

Confusion. I love it.
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Hello [25 Jan 2007|04:54pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Hello, I noticed this community hasn't been posted to in a long, but perhaps it's simply because life gets busy (which is totally understandable).

I'm new, obviously. My name is Christina, 23, female, living in Tennessee. The beauty I find in my life seems to be the only thing that keeps me going, with my financial problems and having an unusually difficult time finding a job again. I love watching people dance, they remind me of fire and water in their movements. Just recently I got convinced to try dancing for the first time in my life, and I felt alive while on the floor. It was a wonderful experience. I also find beauty in nature, especially the rain, in art, in food...everything has some form of beauty to it. The hardest place for me to find beauty, sadly due to many bad years, is myself. I'm struggling to find beauty within, and it never seems to end. I'm getting better, though.

Thank you for having me.

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C'est la vie... [13 Oct 2006|11:19am]

[ mood | calm ]

Hello beautiful darlings. 

I am merely a wandering soul, pleasantly lost in this swarming vortex of passion, confusion and love. The beautiful things I have seen in my life are huge in quantity and unparalleled in quality. My mind and soul are a huge gallery and every single day that I breathe and live is another breathtaking painting, sculpture or picture. Those simple moments blowing bubbles on a chipped sidewalk, feeling floaty and magical. Watching people smile and grin, laugh and cry, love and rage. They all form this huge image of such sincere and utter hope in my eyes. Those moments of utter desolation spent whiling away in my room are simply overshadowed by the enormity of love that I feel from those people that surround me daily. Those fleeting smiles, and harried greetings all burst through the desparity and rise me to the levels of complete wonder. Our world is so filled with mindboggling contradictions, and yet it is filled with the simplest of emotions. A cosmic fantasy in and of itself. Each day a beautiful rendition of those feelings, spatters of clay and acrylic shades. At times grotesque and incomprehensible, and at times joyful and heatbreaking. The sheer resplendence of today is just about to break over the sky, raindrops falling thickly onto my waiting canvas. Will you be with me when they fall?  

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how to get two boxes on the train to UB [06 Oct 2006|07:29pm]

Even after years staying in this country, there is still adventure waiting at every corner. SO for example when you try to get two boxes with stuff onto the train from BJ to UB. First you go to the main train station when the train arrives from UB to BJ, then you have to buy a platform ticket to be allowed to access the trainstation at all. Eventually those boxes weigh about 80 kg together, so there is no way you can get them in the train all the way just by yourself. You have to hire one of these guys who carry other people's luggages for a living. We did just that. So another guy, who's job is to get the guy who carries the luggage for the one who can't carry it on his own, came up with this skinny old fellow. I just thought that this was going to be interesting. So we started arguing about the price, after surprisingly quick four minutes we negotiated 40 RMB. The old fellow, about 70 of age made the attempt to pack those boxes onto his little trolley kind of thing. Which of course failed. THen I managed to put those boxes onto the trolley and the old fellow and me started pushing the trolley, I ended up pushing it alone. FInally we reached the station gates, where we had to show our platform tickets and push those boxes and trolley through the X-ray machine. Everything went well, except that when we reached the inisde, the old fellow was just gone, so I again manged those boxes, already sweating like a pig. Next we had to go up like a hundred stairs to the leaving channel for the train to shanghai. As we got there, big tumult broke ooout because I got stuck halfway through the channel with those boxes. Had to carry them one by one getting sworn at by upset Chinese. Just about then my old fellow reappeared telling me he was having a heardattack. Well he wasn't that convincing but got the attention of the guards standing around, leading them to question us about where we were headed. Of course how you gonna explain to them that you are entering the platform of the train going to Shanghai in order to pass on through the exit channel to the train to UB which just arrived, complicated and I doubt you can follow this at all,haha. But hell, we did it, got through including the old fellow having a heardattack, which actually got better and better the closer we got to the final destination. Again up some stairs and down some stairs and finally we arrived at the train platform to go to UB. Put those boxes into the compartment and prepared to leave, paid the old fellow his forty and suggested him to get an ECG, which he probably never will. I do believe he may have a heart condition, I pity all the poor people of China who have to sell their everything to support their families in the countryside and I wish him well, may he find a better job, not very likely though:(.
Today is moonfestival, therefore we will go to the park and make a wish. To all of you out there, in case you haven't looked at the moon recently-do it tonite, make a wish, most likely it will come true. Just one thing about it though-make a wish for someone else, don't wish for yourself. What you wish to others will come true for you too. So happy moonfestival - happy mid-autumn festival, may all your wishes come true. Love. A Hu
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and i blaMe these puddLes on the rAin... [04 Aug 2006|12:20am]

[ mood | rainyish ]

So i was driving home tonight...and for no reason at all i just started bawling..tears everywhere. Maybe it was the song on the radio that made me get all emotional, I dunno, but I turned it up real loud and sang my little lungs out. It was wonderful. Complete freedom. Driving across the bridge, singing, crying, and just being in that moment. Real beauty.

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[22 Jun 2006|05:32pm]
Well I am new to this community and I joined it because it seemed like a good idea, too look for the good things in life. I suppose I should begin by saying where I find beauty. Well, honestly I can find it anywhere at any time, providing I am in the right mood and circumstance. However my favorite places of beauty are the beach and mostly anywhere iin nature I suppose. Any art form I find beauty in as well such as dance, acting, painting, writing and especially music. I also think the color orange is beautiful. I am completely serious about that one, too.
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[25 Sep 2005|12:59pm]

[ mood | enchanted ]

The weather this morning was fabulous! Bright sun, cool wind, perfect for a walk, which I was taking.

The wisps of hurricane weather we got here just cleared out the air and made the world shiney and new again. Hopefully the damage down south wasn't too bad.

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[25 Sep 2005|01:50pm]
hey i'm looking for some people to add. i have a regular journal but i want to have one of people i will probably never meet. i dont want there to be any repercussions for my thoughts.

if you're agianst me adding you no problem

doesn't hurt to ask.
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[14 Aug 2005|07:46pm]
hey i'm new. my name is jess. The beauty i see is what keeps me grounded and sane. However screwed up life is i can always remember what i've see and done.

i dont always see beauty in just things in moments too. For instance when i was a kid i was at an airport and i met eyes with a young german boy. I will never see him agian but that one moment will be in my head forever in perfect detail.

i dont know if that's what you're expecting. But it was one of the most beautiful and memorable things that have ever occured in my life.
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I have an Assignment for ya'll... [15 Jun 2005|07:28pm]

i've been giving alot of thought to the idea of Personal Space.

it is extremely helpful to have someplace you can sit and read or think or draw or have your coffee/tea/glass-of-wine and contemplate the blessings in your life. sometimes, just sitting there for five minutes in the morning, before you rush off into your day, can give you a sense of contentment and calm that will stay with you.

and here's what i want ya'll to do:

sometime in the next week, i want you to take a picture and/or just post a description (if you don't have a camera) and share with us your favorite spot.
if you don't have one... find one. or make one.
set up some small corner in your house with a chair, something pretty to look at, whatever. find a spot outside, if you prefer.
but find/create a little place where you can take even a few minutes to stop and think to yourself, no matter *what* is going on, "Life is Glorious." somewhere you can tell yourself, no matter what the weather or what you have to do, that "Today is a Wonderful Day."

it makes such a huge difference in how you see everything.

my spot, currently, is my smoking perch, outside. i am working, today, on clearing out my personal space inside, so that i can create another of these that is all my own.

the picture doesn't have to be a Work Of Art. the space doesn't have to be fancy. just show us where you go to collect your thoughts and remind yourself of the Beauty in life.

go ahead and ask your friends if they have a space like this. if you don't have one, maybe their's will inspire you. if neither of you do, maybe you can inspire one another.

i'm hoping to see some posts here, sharing this!
(if i don't, i will likely spam you will all sorts of entries designed to get things Moving!)
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[29 May 2005|01:27pm]

[ mood | poetic ]

I meant to post this last week, but computer issues made me put it off until now.

I was getting my car washed, and they had sprayed it down with soapy water before sending it into the big machine. I was sitting inside and the soap was sliding down the windshield with the sun hitting it just so. The bubbles turned purple and teal and sparkled as they made their way down the glass. The sight was absolutely mezmerizing.

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[10 Mar 2005|01:36pm]

Life is not so much what you see as what is really there....

I never loved myself until I learned to look inward instead of outward when I wanted a mirror. Then I found when I actually looked in a reflective surface that there wasn't an ugly repulsive girl there who really really wanted to be a guy. There was a rather beautiful transman there instead. There was an inner beauty and a great strength. I visulise myself as a warrior fighting for all that is right in the world. Fighting not with weapons but with words and with beauty. I let people get to know me and see me for who I am way before I mention that I'm a transsexual. Its not gross. Its not wrong. Its how I am. I am as much a part of the world as anyone else.

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New [21 Feb 2005|05:51am]

What a great idea!! :) I find beatuty in some many things!! Conversations, nature, wind, MUSIC, hope, GRACE, Jesus, people, home-made food. I love books and sitting in silence. I also love to find God in things that people do not "put" him in. He's everywhere, I desire to find him in all things. Smile's are beautiful as well as words, esp. when they are writen by my dear friend, KT. Hope to make new friends.
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[24 Nov 2004|07:07pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

I was driving down a street in the older part of town today and got to see the most amazing sight. The trees on either side of the broad street were old and had grown, for the most part, over the street, reaching for each other with their tree arms, to form a canopy of leaves. The leaves had already started to turn gold and red, creating a lovely picture in themselves. Then, as I headed down the street, the sun came streaming down the street lighting everything up and making it shine. It was breathtaking. It also reminded me of all the things I have to be thankful for this year.

No matter the weather wherever you are, take some time tomorrow and go out and just breath in. I know there are probably lots of you out there who aren't celebrating Thanksgiving as we are in the US, but it can't ever hurt to stop and take a moment to show your gratitude. :)

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[09 Nov 2004|06:07pm]

[ mood | enthralled ]

Dallas had a most amazing sunset today. The sky was a clear blue with lots and lots of fluffy clouds, tinted pink, orange, and red by the dying light. I went out on the porch and just sat in the cool air, admiring. It made me so wish that I could paint realistically or had a camera with me. :)

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[07 Oct 2004|08:43pm]

[ mood | drained ]

all i wanted to say is that friends are what makes the world a great place-- when you need them they are there helping you through tough times and letting you see the light----- they make the world a much less hostile place in times of need...... when i look at the title of this journal thats wht comes to my mind all the friends that have encircled me in this time of hardship.....making this a beautiful place to live and be getting married in to the love of my life and having his child---------- with or without the support from my parents.....(i am 20 before anyone thinks anything of this)

To all teh people who are willing to cross fire for their friends you make this world a beautiful place.......thank you from one of the ones who knows what a differnce it makes

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[06 Sep 2004|09:28pm]

hey y'all! My name is Brittany and I am from Georgia. I am new here and I just wanted to say *hello*! I play softball and I am a Senior in high school. here are some pics..

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