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C'est la vie...

Hello beautiful darlings. 

I am merely a wandering soul, pleasantly lost in this swarming vortex of passion, confusion and love. The beautiful things I have seen in my life are huge in quantity and unparalleled in quality. My mind and soul are a huge gallery and every single day that I breathe and live is another breathtaking painting, sculpture or picture. Those simple moments blowing bubbles on a chipped sidewalk, feeling floaty and magical. Watching people smile and grin, laugh and cry, love and rage. They all form this huge image of such sincere and utter hope in my eyes. Those moments of utter desolation spent whiling away in my room are simply overshadowed by the enormity of love that I feel from those people that surround me daily. Those fleeting smiles, and harried greetings all burst through the desparity and rise me to the levels of complete wonder. Our world is so filled with mindboggling contradictions, and yet it is filled with the simplest of emotions. A cosmic fantasy in and of itself. Each day a beautiful rendition of those feelings, spatters of clay and acrylic shades. At times grotesque and incomprehensible, and at times joyful and heatbreaking. The sheer resplendence of today is just about to break over the sky, raindrops falling thickly onto my waiting canvas. Will you be with me when they fall?  

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