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live_the_beauty's Journal

Living Beautifully
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This Community started up out a conversation with a friend, brainstorming about ideas on how to Find The Beauty In Life.
We had both suffered Doubt, and Insecurities, and we had both lost sight about what was Good in ourselves.

This community is dedicated to remembering the Beauty in Life.
It is for each of us to share the Beautiful Moments in our life, and to Inspire others to find their own.
It is for us to remind ourselves and one another not to lose sight of the Wonder of life, and the Beauty within ourselves.

Right now, we're asking that you post, as your first entry, an introduction or sorts. Tell us the Good Things about yourself. Share with us where you find Beauty in life. Tell us what makes you an Artist of the Soul.
And let us know a little bit about what you are looking for here.. whether you are hoping to share the Beauty you see in life, or if you are looking for inspiration.. or both!

There are so many places we all share our Doubts, or Insecurities, and out Angst... i just thought we could all use a place to focus on the Beauty.

If we don't remind ourselves and each other to look for it, it just might slip by unnoticed.

We will also be using this community to share ideas for helping one another remember to Spoil ourselves a litte, and to see the Good Side of ourselves and life. these ideas may range fromt he *very* silly to the slightly more profound. Please, don't hesitate to add your own ideas.

right now, this community is maintained by nalidoll.

remember to Live Beautifully!